Covid 19 Information
During these unique times it is important that we recognize the dangers of Covid 19.
Blair's School of Driving will practice social distancing by:
In the Classroom setting:​
  • Have students sit 6 feet apart from each other
  • Students will have on hand their own hand sanitizer (brought from home)
  • Students will self report if they have a fever or other Covid 19 symptoms
    • This will be done by calling the instructor​
    • The student will not report to class or any scheduled drive time appointments
In the Driver's education Car setting:
  • Students will wear a mask while driving and in the car
  • Students will use their own hand sanitizer before and after driving
  • Blair's School of driving will provide disinfecting wipes
    • students will wipe down: steering wheel, door handles, shifter levers, seat belt connectors, all switches​, and anything else that may have been in contact with a student driver or student passenger