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  • Student must be 14 years and 8 months old on the first day of class. (State of Michigan mandate)

  • Student must bring a birth certificate for age verification. (no copies will be made)

  • Parent will have to sign a health contract that states the student is physically fit to safely drive a vehicle AND states that his/her vision has been checked within the last year

  • Student must return the course text book on test day in order to take the state final exam

  • After 10 classroom hours and 2 hours behind the wheel, the driver's ed student will receive their "pink permit". This allows them to drive with ONLY a parent or guardian. The pink permit must be turned in on drive six in order to receive their green completion certificate.

  • After completion of Segment 1, the student must go to the secretary of state's office to get their "Learner's permit". This permit allows the student to drive with anyone 21 year of age or older with parental consent. During this time, the hours must be logged.


  • Student must have passed Segment 1

  • Student must have had Segment 1 for a minimum of 90 days by the start date of the segment 2 course

  • Student must have logged 30 hours of drive time with a legal guardian

  • Student must bring their endorsed (White) learners permit or new plastic level 1 license from the secretary of state's office

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